Have you ever pursued a dream relentlessly and yet it never came to pass? Have you ever been in a relationship but got jilted? Have you ever been on a contract at a company but never got the full employment?

I know that feeling…I’ve been there before. But the good news is, what you become in the process of a dream is far more important than accomplishing that dream itself. How?

Imagine that you worked at a company for 5 years and one day, you got laid off. That will be painful but no one goes through and comes out of an experience the same person because in between, a transformation takes place that makes you better than you formerly were.

So, while the job was taken from you, the skills, experience, reputation and network you built in those 5 years cannot be taken from you. And these are virtues that would serve you for a lifetime.

Recall that Steve Jobs got laid off from Apple, a $2bn company he built himself for 10 years. But while he lost everything, he didn’t lose his creativity, resourcefulness and passion. And it was that character that built two more companies in the next 5 years.

Later, Apple started struggling and seeing that Steve was still at the top of his game, he was consulted and in the process, he reclaimed his title as CEO of Apple. Simply put, your character is far more valuable than your accomplishments.

Remember how you became a prayer warrior, fasted and worked hard for that dream. And even when it tarried, you remained patient, maintaining courage with an unwavering faith. These traits are even more important than the dream because even when you fail, it’s these virtues that will keep you going.

So, the question is, who are you becoming in the process?

Eric Butterworth said, “Things may happen around you. Than may happen to you but the only things that truly counts are the things that happen in you.”

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