On Saturday, Atletico Madrid won the Spanish Liga title with a comeback win in the last game of the season. However, their top scorer, Luis Suarez whose goal helped them to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat was down in tears after the game, thanking Atletico for opening their door to him when Barcelona shut theirs at him.

Barely a year ago, Barcelona laid him off after scoring 195 goals in six seasons for them. The impression was that his best days were behind him and it broke him, thus, affecting his family too. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid believed he had some treasure in him and therefore, offered to sign him on a two-year contract. Still, Barcelona wasn’t scared of selling him to a rival as they truly felt he was trash and would pose no threat.

He joined the club and his pain became a gift because, with the rejection, he was urged to prove that he was still a force. Suarez, the stone that Barcelona rejected became Atletico’s cornerstone as he went on to score 21 goals that made the difference for them.In fact, they stayed at the top of the league for 32 out of the 38 weeks of league football. Meanwhile, his former employers ended in 3rd position with seven points behind.

We all have that moment when we experience some difficulty or decline in results or performance. Thus, we become laid off, divorced, denied, rejected and feel like trash. But if broken crayons still colour, then you can never be useless because no matter what you go through in life, like Luiz Suarez, there will always be treasure in your trash.

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