Once upon a time in the late 11th century BC, there lived the first King of Israel named Saul. During his reign, he suffered from a mental disorder that his servants had to fetch one of the finest musicians of the time: David.

So, whenever he fell into a depression, David would instantly play the harp and in no time, Saul would find relief. Thus, music was the cure to Saul’s mental illness. I do not know of a more powerful tool to alleviate pain.

Beyond healing, a musical genre was used to destroy the walls of Jericho. In fact, when Jehoshaphat was King of Israel, music was the weapon used to annihilate their enemies. So, don’t you dare undermine the power of music.

Or why do you think music is present everywhere like the media, weddings and events? In elevators, it’s called elevator music. Churches call it praise and worship. Clubs call it dance hall. It’s the same tool but different name. Music saturates the atmosphere, relaxes the mind and chases away boredom and depression.

I have a habit of listening to music when I’m involved in physical gymnastics that people often wonder why. The truth is, music distracts my mind from pain and gives me the drive to go beyond my limits. So, the benefits of music cannot be overstated. It improves heart rate, reduces anxiety and stimulates the brain amongst others.

In fact, studies show that adults with chronic pain reported less pain, depression, disability and felt more empowered after a week of listening to music for one hour a day irrespective of the genre.

Feeling depressed? Music can change your mood right away because it heals wounds that medicine cannot touch. That’s why Jean Paul said, “Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

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