In 1942, Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist found himself in one of the most horrific experiences in human history being a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. It was the time some six million Jews were murdered in cold blood. Without a doubt, for the victims, it was far worse than this current epidemic.

Some of those who managed to survive entered a temporary holding camp only to realize the hopelessness of their situation. They became imprisoned with their belongings taken, their heads shaved and their arms tattooed with a serial number. Their lives were literally doomed.

Viktor lost his wife in the process but despite the hopelessness and misery, he managed to find a positive meaning in the suffering and that became the game changer for not only him, but for those who survived. Their interpretation of the situation was their saving grace.

Let me further analyze: when I go through tough times, I simply tell myself, “I’m paying the price for greatness” or “God is trying to teach me a lesson that can be only taught through pain” and this meaning helps me sail through the pain.

Similarly, to survive anytime you are going through a tough time, you must give it a meaning that will empower you through the crisis. You may see it as a phase meant to build your faith or one coming to birth your ingenuity. Just give it any meaning that will empower you.

All of life is suffering. Some people lose their lives when they encounter difficulties while some wish they were better dead. One way to overcome such phase is to develop mental resilience by finding an empowering meaning for your suffering.

Oh, I love the way Frederich Nietzsche puts it. He said, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in your suffering.”

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