Ever wondered why you shed tears each time you watch a touching movie? I mean, doesn’t it baffle you that despite the fact that you know you are watching a staged play, you still react helplessly to it like a kid?

Or aren’t there times when you watch a horror movie and it suddenly triggers feelings of fear and anxiety? Some people even start hating certain characters calling them wicked.

My dear, here’s the reason. You are not your mind. You only have a mind. And while you know that the movie isn’t real. The guy inside (Your mind) cannot differentiate between reality and fiction. Hence, whatever your senses feeds it, it instantly acts on it.

That’s why when you are called “stupid,” you get upset even when you know you aren’t. Your unconscious mind cannot tell whether it’s true or not. So, that’s why you respond with feelings of anger, fear, anxiety or sadness.

Long before I took this career path, I had known that subjecting my mind to just anything is not healthy. So, I don’t watch horror movies because what’s the use when it will only mess up my mind. Knowledge, they say is power.

Henceforth, be mindful of the things you subject your mind to. If the news doesn’t make you feel good, stop watching it after all the media is not primarily bothered about telling you the truth. Like every business venture, they just want to make money.

If there’s anyone who brings you bad memories and you can’t control it, feel free to avoid them because it’s your sanity we are talking here. Desist from watching things that will cause you panic and flee from naysayers because their words will only cripple you.

The Holy book says guard your heart with all due diligence because out of it comes the issues of life. But I love the way Gandhi put it.

He said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

So, avoid dirty feet!

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