You ought to know by now that the world is no sunshine and rainbows. It is full of trying moments like this. Apart from our individual frustrations, the world shall collectively encounter some tragedies. Perhaps you are not used to this but remember that some nations endure earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, plagues, famine, etc.

So all those prayer points that demands a smooth and trouble-free life is all nonsense. That’s why Bruce Lee said, “do not pray for an easy life, rather pray for the strength to endure a difficult one,” because you can’t evade the adversity of life. As a matter of fact, it’s not good for your spiritual health.

How? You see, one of the disadvantages of a good and problem-free life is that it makes you feel self sufficient. That’s why the enemy makes some people live a life full of never-ending pleasure because he doesn’t want them turning to God.

On the flip side, a life of afflictions makes you recognize the fact that you are not omnipotent. Thus, it stirs your need for God and constantly puts your life in check so that you do not sway. In other words, affliction is a magnet that pulls man close to God.

So irrespective of what’s going on, what matters is, this is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God because nothing brings a man closer and faster to Him like tribulations.

So, as you lick your sores in your private place, moaning and groaning, count it all joy knowing that trials produces patience, strengthens your endurance, keeps you humble and ultimately builds your character.

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