In 1947, Andy Dufresne was charged guilty for the murder of his wife and her lover, Glenn Quentin. Indeed, on the night of their death, Andy parked outside Quentin’s house knowing they were having sex inside. However, he controlled himself and drove off.

Coincidentally, a criminal broke into the house and killed them in cold blood. He was never found and unfortunately, Andy was found guilty instead and sentenced to 2 life imprisonment; one for each of the deceased meaning, even in his next world, he would have to serve another life imprisonment again.

For the first month in prison, Andy uttered no word until he discovered the softness of the cement used for the cell walls. Hence, the first thing he said to one of the inmates was that he needed a rock hammer Afterward, every night, inch by inch, Andy would carve a tunnel through a wall that was 10 feet thick.

Yet this was going to take years because digging the length of two grown men in one go would result in a pile of rocks and dusts in his cell and will obviously alert the guards. So, he had to noiselessly carve minimal amounts every night while everyone was asleep.

Then, he would hide the handful of rocks that fell down in his pockets and disperse them in the prison field every morning when no one was looking. As for the hole, he covered it with a poster.

In 1966, Andy finally pierced through to the other side. Still, it wasn’t the end as there was a 500-yard-long sewage pipe where all the urine, feces, and every kind of human waste from the prison goes to be flushed into a nearby river. Note that 500 yards is the length of five football fields. But Andy’s will made him crawl half a mile of shit till he got out and escaped.

When his fellow inmate initially gave him with the hammer, he thought Andy merely needed it for self-defense and even if he wanted to use it to pierce through the wall, it would take him 600 years. Andy did it in 19 years. He spent 6,939 days working on his goal and not for one single day did he give up or give excuses.

This is a testament to the fact that a will always finds a way. So the truth is, if you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. But if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

In other words, the only thing between you and your dreams are your excuses. If a man can patiently work day and night at his goal even when he knows it’s gonna take him donkey’s years, then what really is your excuse?

Now I’m not asking you to get into prison to put your willpower to a test. Nah! I’m saying whatever dreams you have, give it all it takes!

So what have you got? A will or just excuses?

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  1. Philip Edem Reply

    Will power are always for winner and never for Quitters. At the end of my tunnel there’s a great light.

  2. Samuel Reply

    I couldn’t agree less with you – The only difference between you and your dreams are your excuses.

    • tiinspires Reply

      Ini, actually this post is an excerpt from an old movie titled, “Shawshank redemption.” They never found him because he took his time to plan his exit and even made away with a fortune. It’s highly inspirational. You can find time to watch it

  3. Patience Reply

    A will of course. A will that is wading through all the mire that comes it’s way.

  4. Famous Fada Reply

    Hold to your dream,never quite, don’t give up no matter the circumstances.
    Let your dreams be your motivator

  5. Elijah Reply

    Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite films of all time; an absolute classic, but funnily enough, I’ve never looked at Andy’s story the way you just broke it down.

    A man with an end-goal knows no obstacle too great to overcome when he’s driven by a strong WILL!

  6. Oluwatosin Kadiri Reply

    This is a great charge and I’m not dropping the ball

  7. Kayode Emmanuel Reply

    So inspiring… No more excuses ‘cos I’ve got a will. Thanks Tiinspires!!!

  8. Okey Osodiuru Reply

    Great piece. Excuses come even without invitation lol, but will power requires consciousness.

  9. Toyin Reply

    Deep as always. Thanks for choosing this path Tosin, you are a blessing in disguise.

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