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Once upon a time, there was a little kid whom his parents would always instruct to read the books in the library and have him discuss his one page report at the family’s dinner table. While the money was an incentive for the kid to read, he also found pleasure in books as it enabled him imagine alot of incredible things.

Overtime, the kid inculcated the habit of reading and would later read on his own even without an incentive. Today, that child is a world legend and he is none other than John Maxwell, the number one Leadership expert in the world. You should know him. And he’s always mentioned that the greatest influence on his life were the books he read.

Well, some of us may give excuses that we weren’t opportune to have parents inculcate the right values in us but Anthony Robbins didn’t enjoy good parenting either. In fact, his mother once poured liquid soap down his throat. As an alcohol addict, she was physically abusive as she would beat his head against the wall until he bled. But Tony retrained himself. As a teen, he would read over 100 books a year.

Yet his mum still tried to punish him by making him skip school. When he got fed up, he ran away from home and started on his own. Today, Tony is the world’s foremost motivational speaker and is worth over $500million. He owns 33 companies, consults for over 200,000 people per year and has coached distinguished personalities like Mother Theresa, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Mandela, Princess Diana amongst others.

The truth however, is whether we are born with the right values or not, it is our sole responsibility to retrain ourselves. When you were born, you looked like your parents but now, trust me, you look exactly like our decisions.

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