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When the Persian “god-King” Xerxes demands submission from Sparta, King Leonidas replies by throwing his messenger and the escorts into a deep well. Subsequently, as the Ephors denied him permission to mobilize Sparta’s army, King Leonidas leads 300 of his finest Spartan soldiers into battle against the invading army of more than 300,000 Persian soldiers. Quite a courageous step!

However, as they marched to war, they are met by Arcadians who decided to join forces to fight for the greater good of Greece. But Daxos, the Leader of the Arcadians is surprised to see the small group of Spartan soldiers compared to his superior numbers. More so, Daxos fears that even with their combo, they stand no chance against King Xerxes. As the Arcadians begin to murmur in disappointment insinuating that Sparta wasn’t committed to the war, Leonidas is forced to ask three of the men what their profession is. The first turned out to be a Potter, the second a Sculptor and the third was a blacksmith. Thus, it became clear that the Arcadians, though larger in numbers, were mere civilians with no military training.

King Leonidas then screams, “Spartans, what is your profession?” And the 299 others respond “AWOO, AWOO, AWOO!” Thus, their battle cry showed they were born soldiers who thirst for blood every day of their lives. The King of Sparta then states that he actually has more soldiers than the Arcadians assembled there.

When assembling a team in pursuit of your dream or vision, more important than the numbers is getting professionals. I mean getting people of like minds who would breathe, eat and sleep thinking of the dream as you do. Having like minds who are passionate and hungry pursue your vision with you can make your journey faster but gathering mediocres only slows your ship or probably sinks it. The Arcadians had the numbers and were full of doubts, but the Spartans had more soldiers and they were full of confidence. Moreover, they knew what they were doing and could get the job done.

Yes, team work makes the dream work. But a bad team will only make the dream flop.

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