Tosin Imhogiemhe is an Amazon Best-selling Author, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Toastmaster, Blogger and Performance Consultant whose oratorical bent has endeared him to Schools, Churches, NGOs and Corporate Organisations. His resourcefulness, vibrancy and ingenuity are assets he employs in addressing topics on Personal development.

After sharpening his professional teeth as a Sales Rep. with Cadbury Nigeria PLC, his experience at the Hospitality industry and a Law firm was all he needed to hone his skills in order to birth his own shingle: Tee-High Inspires, a Training and Consulting Company. And as a result of his undying passion for humanitarian services, he joined the Rotary International and also founded Life Challengers Academy (LCA) dedicated to Capacity building.

He is passionate about helping people discover theirgifts and purpose and then he challenges them to live up to their fullpotential. Using stories that connect to people's lives, and they gettransformed because his choice of words inspires the soul to take action. Inhis words, he says, “I believe that wecannot live forever but we can create an impact that will.”

Teehigh, as he fondly called, has lectured at a Leadership School and is the Editor-in-Chief of Revelation Expounded Magazine. By producing daily inspiring content on his blog and social media, Tosin has transformed countless lives. His story telling skills and wealth of wisdom nuggets has earned him a niche in the Public Speaking industry.”

He is a member of the Toastmasters International and Speaker Academy. He also holds a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Lagos, a Basic and Advanced Certificate in Leadership at Daystar Leadership Academy and a Sales and Management Certificate. He has been interviewed on Newspapers, Blogs, TVs and Radio shows and has authored 4 great books including the Amazon Best seller, “PAIN IS A GIFT.”

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